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Year 4 - 2

Parents and pupils, you can now upload any tasks set for you by your teachers using this email. Miss Davey and other teachers will comment on the great efforts you are making! Keep working hard everyone, we miss you very much, stay safe.

Don't forget that the education log ins changed on 6/5/20, so if you don't have yours email this address to get it!

Update from Miss Davey- 01/06/20


Hello 4-2!

How are you all? Did you all enjoy the sunshine ans some time off over half term? I hope you did! I've been doing lots of baking too - I think that the chocolate caramel shortbread was the best thing that I baked. It was yummy.


There has been lots more fabulous work completed and sent to me, thank you guys!  yesShout outs to Caleb H, Josh H, Darci, Imogen, Jamie, Faith and Catherine for their really high scores on My Maths and Education City. yes

smileySpecial mentions to Luke G and Gor, completed all the tasks set on Education City for the last week of term and score over 80% on all of them!! Well done, boys! smiley

Oscar beat me again in the TTRS Challenge - I think that's 5 in a row- congratulations! Well done to everyone who had a go at my challenge. Thanks to Darci and Oscar for challenging me as well! 


This week's challenges have been set below, as well as your education city activities, my maths, TTRS, Bug Club and reading. You are all superstars for keeping up with your work laugh

mailDon't forget to send me your work - I love seeing it and knowing what you have been up to!  mail 

Enjoy the sunshine - don't forget suncream and a hat to protect you from sunburn. Keep washing your hands and being awesome yes


Miss Davey xx

Pizza Party - Computing in the kitchen? Children will love making their own pizzas while learning to create and debug (fix) the recipe.

Writing Challenge 7

After many months of tinkering with your electronic devices, surely you are experts now? This week’s writing challenge will test your know how and your patience! You are tasked with explaining a device or a modern invention to someone from the past, or maybe even your Grandparents! Detail is going to be key here in a language that your audience will understand.


Use the template below to think about the layout and what to include in your writing. Take your time with this challenge and remember our writing process; pre-write (notes) draft revise edit publish.


Have a go and submit your explanation text to  Make sure you include your teacher's name in the subject bar.

Good luck!

Maths Challenge WB: 1st June 2020

Maths Challenge WB: 1st June 2020 1

Arithmetic Challenge 1st June 2020

DT Challenge 2

Hopefully you will have completed the first St Cecilia’s DT Challenge and designed and created your very own board game! There have been some amazing examples, you should check them out on our Twitter page!


Now the design process hasn’t finished just yet…

research -> design -> make -> evaluate


The final stage is to evaluate! Below are some help sheets for evaluating your products. You should think carefully about who the product was designed for, maybe your family members or a younger audience, as this will help you to evaluate. You could even do a questionnaire to gather responses to questions about your board game.

R.E – Other faiths – Islam

Year 4


Task 1 – Look

Watch this video


Design a Qur’an cover and make one in felt or some other material. (Remember no images of people or animals) You could look for some inspiration online.


Task 2 – Discover

Below are the first words of the Qur’an. Can you write them in your own words?



Also below is a picture of the word Allah written in Arabic letters. Can you copy it?


Task 3 – Respect


Make a calligraphy poster including all of the names of Allah included on the poster below (remember no images of people or animals, just fancy letters) You could use Arabic lettering to write Allah in the centre.


I have registered our school to have FREE access to hundreds of reading books from 'Engage Literacy'until 31st July. These books are for emerging, reluctant readers and the great news is you can take a quiz on Accelerated Reader after each book you read.

Simply click on


And use the following login information:


USERNAME: UKfreeaccess

PASSWORD: engage


Happy reading! Mrs Hurst x

Friday Quiz!

Time to test your knowledge as it's Friday we have a new Kahoot ready for you, this time it is the Magical Maths Quiz!

Well done to everyone who completed the Amazing Art Quiz!

Special mention to Nellie, Imogen and Charlotte, who were the top scoring in Year 4 for the Amazing Art Quiz yes

Click below for the latest quiz link, you can also see the podium of the other quiz.

Update from Miss Davey- 18/05/20


Hello 4-2!

How are you all? I hope you are OK! I am enjoying being able to go out a little bit more, now that Boris Johnson has said that we can leave the house for as much exercise as we like. I've been enjoying seeing all of the flowers blooming as I go on my walk, especially the daisies, and I when it's been quiet I have been able to hear the baby bird chirping in the trees. 

What have you seen whilst you have been out and about? 



I have been soooo impressed with the work that you have been doing online (my maths, education city, TTRS etc)  so thank you!! yesShout outs to Luke G, Gor, Caleb, Faith, Imogen, Josh R, Alex, Neve, Josh H, and Darci for their really high scores on My Maths and Education City.yes

yesSpecial mention to Luke G, who has been working really hard this week and completed the most tasks!yes

laughyesI was thrilled to see that TWO children had beaten me in the TTRS challenge last week - congratulations to Caleb and Oscar!! laughyes  Because of this, I've really pushed myself in this week's challenge - good luck!


This week's challenges have been set below, as well as your education city activities, my maths, TTRS, Bug Club and reading. Wow - we get through a lot in one week! You are all fab! 


mailKeep sending me your work mail  I love seeing it and it makes me smile to see what you are all up to smiley

Stay safe, enjoy the fresh air and be good,


Miss Davey xx

Examples of the AMAZING work our class have been doing from home!

Writing challenge 6 - 18/05/20  – Covid Time Capsule

Hello everyone, this week’s writing challenge has a living history/ P.S.H.E focus.

 We are all making the best of a very difficult situation at the moment under lockdown. But ,we can try to remember that this period of time is actually living history and we are all part of it, so we should try to record it in some way.

Your work could be looked at by other children, who will study this period in history, during the next 100 years. Isn’t that an exciting thought?! 

The writing challenge is:

Write a letter to your future self about life during lockdown, try to include factual, historically accurate information about what has happened during this pandemic. But more importantly, try to put a big emphasis on writing about any positives or fun, family activities that you have done that are different or unusual to what you would have done before. What have you enjoyed doing that has surprised you? What have you discovered about yourself and your resilience?

Also attached is a Covid Time capsule pack, that you can print fill in and keep for you and your family to look back on in years to come. Maybe if you don’t have a printer, you could still copy the activities onto paper. Keep these safe and one day they will be a reminder of this time for you and your family.

Looking forward to reading all about your activities.

Ms Patterson

Covid Time Capsule pack

WB: 18th Maths 2020

Maths Challenge -End of COVID street party

This week’s maths challenge links to the COVID times capsule. You need to plan your very own celebration street party.


- What would you need to buy? (food, drinks, balloons, banners, party accessories)

- Which suppliers have the best price? Cheapest?

- How much would it cost for the street party in total?

- What would it cost neighbours individually?

-Entrance cost? 


Send in your examples to show your teachers -

DT Challenge

So, we have been at home for several weeks now, staying safe. You will have played many games but the fifth game of Monopoly, that will never finish, seems like a boring prospect.

Therefore, this week’s challenge is to research, design and make your own board game!

You will need to follow the research -> design -> make processes.

Firstly, it may be helpful to gather some useful bits and bobs from around your house, such as;

  • Paper

  • Colouring pens/pencils

  • Cardboard

  • Ruler

  • Glue

  • Decorative items, i.e. pom poms, glitter, stickers

Then you will need to research other board games to gather together ideas of what you like and what you don’t like. Think carefully about features that you will want to include in your game. You won’t be able to make a good game by heading straight to the design stage.

Then start planning your board game. Use the templates provided below to help you out.

Once you have a firm idea of what you want to achieve, then start making. It will probably take you a day or two to accomplish the first two stages. Then another day at least to make. Be critical and change your design as you go. That’s fine. Most importantly have fun.

Finally, test out your game with other members of your house. Email your photos of your final product to

We look forward to your creations!

Take a look at the link below to enter the St Cecilia's Junior School Marathon. You year group could win a fantastic prize of special PE afternoon! #SCJSMarathon


Update from Miss Davey- 11/05/20


Hello 4-2!

I have been really missing our class, but seeing the amazing work that got sent in last week really cheered me up! Thank you very much to Luke G, Imogen, Josh R and Josh H for their amazing VE day work. It was such high quality work, I was delighted. Lots work got tweeted on the school twitter page, so make sure your parents have had a look.


Lots of children have been accessing the online learning (my maths, education city, TTRS etc)  so thank you again for that! laughShout outs to Caleb, Josh H, Darci, Josh R and Luke G for their really high scores on My Maths and Education City. laugh

yesWell done to Oscar for beating me in the TTRS challenge again! I've set another one up for you this weekyes

I've added more activities to education  city for this week, and their are writing,  maths and art challenges for you to have a go at below.


Keep sending me your work  - I love seeing it.

Stay safe, keep washing your hands and be good,

Miss Davey xx





Writing Challenge 5


This week's writing challenge will require a little bit research so that you can write a biography of the artist studied in your year group.  The year 4 artist is Andy Warhol.


Go online and do some research to find out key information about the artist.  Wikipedia is a good starting point for this. But remember that wikipedia isn't always 100% accurate, because sometimes people add made up information to the website! Click the link below for information and examples -


I have included a list of features of a biography so look at this this while writing, but also while researching so that you are noting down the key events and information in the artist's life.  Don't just copy and paste from websites because your work won't make sense.  Make notes and then use your wonderful writing talent to turn the notes into a fabulous biography.  Also included is an example of a biography on Roald Dahl so that you have an idea of what a finished biography should look like. 


Take your time with this challenge and remember our writing process; pre-write (notes) > draft > revise > edit > publish.


Have a go and send your biography to  Make sure you include your teacher's name in the subject bar.


Good luck and have fun!

Miss Davey

Maths Challenge WB: 11th May 2020

Maths Challenge WB: 11th May 2020 1

Looking After Yourself

During the lockdown, you will be feeling upset, fed up, worried, tired and a whole range of emotions. It is important to continue to look after yourself, like you do in school, by using Relax resources and techniques. Visit the Mental Health Hub page by clicking the link below for more information from Miss Quigley and Miss Coleman.

Summer Term: Art Topic Update

Hi guys!

Summer term is all about the 'arts' so let's get started with our first art topic; 'At the Pantomime'. 


To find out what you already know about pantomimes, I would love for you to have a go at a Kahoot quiz. To access the quiz, click the following link and enter your initials and class as your nickname. 


More art activities will be added under the heading 'Summer Term: Art Topics' over the next few weeks.


Make sure you keep checking for updates!


Miss D x

Update from Miss Davey 4/05/20

Hi guys smiley

Hope you are OK and helping out your families. I can't believe that it is May already - time has flown! Most of this week's work is based around VE day, because it is the 75th Anniversary on Friday.


laughI've been thrilled with the work which you have sent in over the past week - special mentions to Oscar and Imogen for their poetry, Josh R for his science poster and fronted adverbial work and Luke G for his amazing drawings and Science video. I can't wait to see your work this week - it really puts a smile on my face!laugh


Online Learning

Super effort this week!  Big shoutouts to: Luke G, Josh R, Gor J, Alex M, Caleb H, Josh H, Faith N, Darci O, Sienna R, and Oscar for scoring 100% on an activity ( as well as completing lots of work). More shoutouts to Imogen A, Neve S, Jaime M, Luke D and Liberty W for passing and completing lots of activities.   Keep it up guys!


Well done as well to Oscar, who beat me in the TTRS challenge -for the third week in a row! Thanks to all the children who had a go at the challenge - I’ve set up another challenge one! I've upped my game this week and got a higher score. Look in the Rock Slam area of TTRS – Good Luck!


mailKeep emailing me your work to mail 

Your VE day themed challenges are underneath this message. 


I miss you all! Stay safe, show kindness (to your families and online) and remind the other children about the work on the class website.

Miss D x

Challenges for Week Beginning 4th May – VE Day!

This Friday, 8th May, is the 75th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day. This marks the day when World War 2 fighting in Europe came to an end. It was a day of great celebration in Britain, towards the end of the Second World War. The challenges this week are all themed around VE day – there are lots of different challenges for you to have a go at.

Friday 8th May is a Bank Holiday. Usually, the May Bank Holiday in on the first Monday in May. This year, it has been moved to Friday 8th May to mark this important day in British History. Lots of the celebrations that were due to happen have been postponed until later in the year – but there are still ways that we can celebrate VE at home, some of which are with your challenges below.

Everyone is encouraged to join in with “The Nation’s Toast” to the heroes of World War Two at 3pm on Friday 8th. Tweet your pictures to school, using #VEday75 .


The Royal British Legion are also asking for 2 minutes silence at 11amto remember and reflect upon the sacrifices made by many.


Find out more about VE Day using the links below

Writing Challenge 4

Put yourself in the shoes of a child in VE day and have a go at writing a diary entry, explaining the celebrations that took place. Was there a street party outside your house? Did you listen to King George and Winston Churchill on the wireless? Perhaps your Mum danced to a Dame Vera Lynn song? Use the BBC video above to help to give you ideas. We can’t wait to see your diary entry!


Maths Challenge – Can you be a Cryptographer?

Code Breaking was essential to victory in World War Two. Code Breaking is also known as Cryptography. Have a go at finding out some facts about the second world war using cryptography on the worksheets below.

Geography – Find the countries

Can you identify the countries involved in the Second World War and colour them to show whether they were Allies (fighting with Britain) or Axes (fighting with Nazi Germany)?

DT and Art Activities



Bletchley Park is where lots of cryptography took place and was crucial to find out information about German attacks and to the Allied Forces’ victory. Bletchley Park Museum is encouraging families to design and make bunting – using whatever paper and material you have. They want you to use red, white and blue to create the bunting and decorate your house – then tweet it to them using #BuntingForBletchley Don’t forget to tweet school too!


Tea Party

Celebrate VE day with a tea party, like they had in 1945. You could design (and even make and eat) a 1940’s party menu. Triangle sandwiches anyone? Don’t forget to send us your pictures.


Make a suitcase

Many children were moved from busy cities to live with adults in the countryside. They left their homes and their parents behind so that they would be more protected from the German bombs. What would an evacuee’s suitcase look like? What would they take with them? How is it different to what we would take in our suitcases today?

Update from Miss Davey 27/04/20

Hi 4-2,

How are you guys? I hope you're doing OK and enjoying the sunshine. I've been so happy to see what you guys have been up to, thanks to your parents tweeting and emailing me. It has been great to see some of the lovely recipes you've had a go at, obstacle courses in your gardens and some of your gorgeous art work (I loved the dragons!). I've been enjoying baking and cooking too! 


Online Learning

I've seen lots of high scores on the My Maths and other online work that I have set you - this week has been the highest scoring week so far!  Big shoutouts to: Imogen, Gor, Luke G, India, Jaime, Neve, Oscar, Faith, Josh R and Sienna R for completing lots of work and working hard this week. Keep it up guys!


Well done as well to Oscar, who beat me in the TTRS challenge -for the second week in a row! Thanks to all the children ho had a go at the challenge - I’ve set up another challenge for you all to try and beat me. Look in the Rock Slam area of TTRS – Good Luck!


Keep emailing me your work to There are more challenges set  for you underneath this message :) 


Drawing Tutorials

I’ve also found a drawing tutorial for a cartoon Viking (who we learnt about earlier in the year) and Baby Groot (my favourite Guardian of the Galaxy).

Viking -

Baby Groot -


Look after yourselves and your families, I can’t wait to see all your smiling faces again – I’m missing you all,

Miss D x

Summer Term: Art Topics


At the Pantomime


To begin this topic, have a go at a Kahoot quiz to see what you already know about pantomimes!

Activity 1:


One of the most important aspects of designing a pantomime production is the costumes. Costumes help the audience to understand what the character is like.


Your task is to create a labelled design of your own costume for a pantomime character/s using the outlines provided. You might choose to design a costume for a pantomime dame, hero, or a baddy! I have included a bank of character costumes that you may wish to use for inspiration.

enlightenedThink about - What is it about the costume that makes the character identifiable? (e.g. colours, motifs, etc).


To create your design, you can use pencils, felts and collage materials such as tissue paper, sequins and coloured paper. Be as creative as you can!


Remember to submit your designs to and make sure you include your teacher’s name in the subject bar.


I can’t wait to see your designs!


Miss Davey

Writing Challenge 3


This week's writing challenge will require you to tap into your poetic minds and come up with some stanzas of poetry about someone you regard as a superhero. 


Tuesday 28th of April is World Superhero Day and it gives us the opportunity to celebrate the people in our lives who we think are superheroes.  This isn't time to heap praise on sports stars, pop stars or movie stars; we want your poem to be about someone you know or, at least about someone who isn't famous.  You could choose a member of your family, a teacher, a doctor, a nurse, a lollipop man, a fireman or anyone who you think is a role model.  As actor Ben Affleck says, "A hero can be anyone even a person doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy’s shoulder to let him know that everything is going to be ok."  


Your poem could be a few simple stanzas, it could be an acrostic or a shape poem, it could be a haiku or a limerick; it's up to you.  Try to incorporate some of the following:- alliteration, figurative language, similes, metaphors or personification.  Try to make it rhyme but don't worry if it doesn't rhyme, not all poems do. 


Have a look at this as an example of an opening stanza...

Pretty as a picture,

Bubbly as an aero,

My dear mum is really cool,

She is a superhero.


Have a go and submit your poem to  Make sure you include your teacher's name in the subject bar.


Good luck and have fun!

Reading and Comprehension - W/c 27/04/20

Science - w/c 27/04/20


On my walk this morning, I saw something quite rare in Britain. I saw a pair of black swans! These swans haven't always lived in Britain - unlike White Swans. Black Swans have been brought over from other countries, for example Australia, and kept in zoos and wildlife parks. The ones we see in the UK today have usually escaped from these places, although there are some pairs which are wild and free! For your science work this week, can you discover the food chain of a swan? There are activities on Education City to help you with food chains and you can research what they eat. You could even make a poster or story up about them and send it to me!


Science Challenge

Updated! Human body quiz and further challenges coming.

Go to the science page below to see more examples and videos.

Email your responses to or Tweet them. Good luck!

WB: 27th April 2020 - Maths Challenge

WB: 27th April 2020 - Maths Challenge  1

St George’s Day 


The 23rd of April is the day we celebrate St George – the Patron Saint of England. You’ll recognise the story of George and the Dragon, but here is a link to a video of the legend for you to refresh your memory!

Did you know that St George wasn’t English? He was actually born in Turkey – but his bravery, heroism and gallantry were seen as qualities which were “English”, so he became the Saint of England. Find out more facts about St George here:


Creative Arts- Design a Dragon

What do you think that the dragon St George defeated looked like? Was he bright orange? Did he breathe scorching, purple flames? Were his claws as sharp as knives? Design your dragon and send us a picture using the teacher email address or twitter. You could draw, write a description or even make your dragon! Let  your imagination run wild; we can’t wait to see what you come up with.


Maths -

Below, you’ll find a link to a maths mystery booklet – linked to St George- for you to print out and solve.

Update from Miss Davey 20/04/20

Hi 4-2,

I hope that you’ve had a nice Easter, enjoyed some Easter Eggs (but not too much chocolate) and managed to enjoy some of lovely sunshine outside. I’ve been going for my daily walks – I’m waiting to see if the ducks in the lake near my house will have any ducklings! If there are some then I will take pictures to show you (you know how much I like talking about animals with you).


Online Learning

I’ve been looking at the My Maths and other online work that I have set you and I am so pleased with all the children who have been working hard, keep it up! Big shoutouts to: Luke D, Luke G, Faith, Joshua H, Joshua R, Imogen A, Annai M, Sienna, and Oscar for completing lots of work and working hard.


Thanks also to those children who have emailed work through on the email address; I loved reading it! There are more maths, reading and writing challenges underneath this message. Keep sending me some of the work you’ve been up to!

Well done as well to Oscar, who beat me in the TTRS challenge. I’ve set up another challenge for you all to try and beat me in on TTRS – Good Luck!


Drawing Tutorials

I’ve also found a drawing tutorial for a cartoon Lionel Messi (so cool) and the Fortnite Llama.

Messi -

Llama -


Look after yourselves and your families, I can’t wait to see all your smiling faces again – I’m missing you all,

Miss D x

Comprehension activities week beginning 20th April:

Writing Challenge 2 - week beginning 20/04/20


It's time to use up all the chocolate that you've got for Easter with our second writing challenge.  This challenge is all about writing instructions.  You'll need some adult help with this one so get your mum, dad or older brother or sister to help you.  We want you to melt down your chocolate and use it to make some chocolate desserts or treats.  You could make rice crispie cakes, brownies, a chocolate cake or even some profiteroles; it's up to you!  We want you to record your steps as you go along and turn these steps into a sequenced set of instructions. 


I've attached a checklist for writing instructions as well as a template you may wish to use to guide you as you go.  In addition to the checklist, why not add an introductory statement with a rhetorical question.  For example, Are you fed up looking at Easter eggs?  Do you just wish they'd disappear?  Just follow this recipe and you could...  Also, at the end you could include a warning, for example, Please allow the mixture to cool before...  It's important that you use the imperative form of the verb such as mix, whisk, beat, pour etc


Have a go and submit your instructions and a picture of your finished product to and include your teacher's name in the subject bar.


I can't wait to see what you come up with.


Have fun!



Please click on class 3-1 link below for Relax Kids activities:

Year 4 Learning Information - Topic areas, key focus areas to help parents during coronavirus pandemic

Writing Challenge 1

Our first writing challenge has been set. 

Click on the documents below and get writing; I can't wait to read your work.

Have fun!

English Resources

Here are some good resources to help with English - A daily literacy lesson, which use a video as a stimulus.  - Has a daily image to inspire writing. 

First News Comprehension - Text, Questions and Answers - For you guys to try

Update from Miss Davey - 30/03/20


Hi 4-2!

I hope you are all doing well, that you are looking after yourselves and your families. The weather has been lovely the past week, so I hope you managed to get outside to play or go for a walk (The government says we can leave the house for one form of exercise a day, don't forget!). I've been going for a walk by the beach by my house everyday, which has been really nice. 


Learning Online

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU and WELL DONE to all of you who have been on My Maths, Education City, TTRS and Bug Club. You're obviously working really hard and there have been some great scores - I have been so pleased when I have been checking. Keep it up! I've also sent all of you  TIMES TABLE ROCKSTARS CHALLENGE  - look in the "Rock Slam" area. Can you beat me!?


Drawing Tutorial

On the last day of term, I promised I would post anything interesting that I found online  - I know some of you will love this one! It's a drawing tutorial to show you how to draw Pikachu! Ask an adult to help you to tweet any pictures that you draw to our school twitter; I can't wait to see them. 


I'll write again soon. Remember to show kindness and love to your families - and don't forget to wash your hands.

Miss Davey x


YEAR 4 Home Learning Opportunities During Coronavirus Pandemic

During these confusing times, it is important that you spend your time making memories and having fun with your family!


You might like to try completing project ideas together. Your physical and mental health is the most important thing at the present time though, so spend time doing things which make you happy and keep your mind and body active. 


Here is a list of websites and learning ideas for you and your parents to have a go at.


Keep checking back to see new updates!


  • Twinkl SupportSearch for free parent packs on the Twinkl website during the pandemic.

  • Smiling MindShort audio sessions to help with mindfulness.

  • Go Noodle Lots of activities to keep active.

  • BBC SupermoversGreat free resource full of loads of activities to keep moving


Don't forget -  there are tasks which you can complete on My Maths and Education City :) If I see any interesting projects or activities which you can do at home, I'll tweet it and write about it on this class page. 


Remember, look after each other, show kindness and stay safe :) 


Miss Davey xx



Welcome to Year 4 - 2!

Hello 4-2!

We've settled in to our new classroom and are learning to be responsible, caring learners in our new space. We swap seats every Monday, so that we we get to sit next to new talk partners and work with different people. This will help us as we grow older, as we have to work with and talk to different people all the time as we grow up. 


Remember to read every day (you need 4 signatures in a week to get a Gold Star) and don't forget to bring in your homework (English is due in on Wednesday and Maths is due in on Fridays; unless I tell you otherwise!). Our spelling test is on a Tuesday each week. 


Our PE kit days at the moment are Monday and Friday - but these may change according to the weather and visitors to our school who need the hall. Please have your PE kit in school EVERY DAY. It's a good idea to bring it in on a Monday and leave it in school until Friday, to be on the safe side. 


Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites! 


Don't forget that Year 4 have a times table test in the Summer Term. To practise, you can use the link below!



Remember, the school gates open at 8.40 and you should be in class, ready for the register at 8.50. See you bright and early every morning!!

Miss Davey 

4-2's First Pen Licence Owners! Well done!

4-2's First Pen Licence Owners! Well done! 1
Support with homework? Go to the parent's page: 'Assertive Mentoring Meeting' for pupil prompts for Maths, Grammar, Writing and Spellings.