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Year 4 - 2

Well done to our very own Anthony, whose poem about the moon today was so good, Dom Conlon the poet sent us a video of him reading it!

Here is the poem for you to enjoy. The video is attached below. Well done Anthony! We are all very proud of you!

Moon Dust Crust

by Anthony in Class 4-2

I often wonder about the moon dust
As i look out into the night sky,
Does it float away off into space?
Or shimmer into particles that pass us by.

I find its craters very mysterious
Such mythology within its lunar light,
Always shining and orbiting
Which can only be seen at night.

I think of the moon out there alone
The colour of it’s crest,
The debris of the atmosphere
Which changes as we rest.

Moon Dust Crust by Anthony in Class 4-2

Still image for this video
The poet Don Conlon reads Anthony's poem.

Important Information for Parents and Carers


Year 4 will regularly receive homework and it will be mainly online.

Monday - English homework which is due in Wednesday

Wednesday - Maths homework which is due in Friday


Spellings are given for children to practice throughout the week with weekly spellings tests.


Links to websites are below, these are used for homework and in the event of learning from home.

Please familiarise yourself with the websites. Logins details have been sent home for all of these but can be requested from the class teacher if lost.


Use our teacher email -


We are mathematicians

This week we have been learning how to write fractions as decimals.