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Year 4 - 1

Important Information for Parents and Carers


Year 4 will regularly receive homework and it will be mainly online:

  • English homework - set every Monday on Education City and due in on Wednesday.
  • Maths homework - set every Wednesday on My Maths and due in on Friday.


Spellings are also provided for children to practice throughout the week with weekly spellings tests every Monday.

Links to websites are below, these are used for homework and in the event of learning from home.

Please familiarise yourself with the websites. Logins details have been sent home for all of these but can be requested from the class teacher if lost.


Use our teacher email -

National Poetry Day – 1st of October 2020


To help celebrate National Poetry Day, we are inviting all children, parents, staff and governors to submit a poem.  We will display the poem (anonymously, if requested) on our school website and Twitter feed.  Our aim is to promote poetry in our school and in our community.  Remember, poems don’t have to rhyme, they don’t have to be a set length and in some cases they don’t even have to make sense.  They are just another means of expressing our imagination.


This year, the theme is VISION.  Your poem could be about this theme or any theme you wish to write about.  Some people like poems about love and memories, some like poems about school days or holidays, others prefer poems that make them laugh.  The subject and theme of your poem is up to you.  No one will judge what you write; it might mean nothing to the reader but everything to the author.


Please consider joining in and writing a poem with your child or one of your own.  You can submit it in writing or in a video recitation by emailing it to with Poetry Day in the subject bar.


I never ask anyone to do anything I’m unwilling to do myself so, with that in mind, have a read at the poem I wrote and performed in assembly about our teachers, I hope you enjoy it and I hope to read your poems over the next week.


Mr McCann x

We are performers!

In English, we have started studying stories with a historical setting. We are currently reading a story called 'The Egyptian Cinderella' by Shirley Climo and have been thinking about the main character, Rhodopis. 


We worked together to think of questions that we could ask Rhodopis about her life. Some of us also volunteered to be 'hot seated' and answered the questions in role as Rhodopis.

We are writers!

Take a look at some of our fantastic published writing!

We are mathematicians!

In maths, we have been learning about place value. We have been using place value counters to represent the value of each digit in different 4-digit numbers. 

We are geographers!

Take a look at some of Class 4-1's work from our Spring Term geography topic; How does water change our world?