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Year 3 - 2

Year 3 Home Learning Opportunities during Coronavirus Pandemic


During these confusing times, it is important that you spend your time making memories and having fun with your family! Therefore, we have put together a series of websites and learning ideas for you and your parents to have a go at.


It’s important to spend time with family during these uncertain times, you might like to try completing project ideas together. Keep positive and look after each other!


Keep checking back to see new updates!

Important Information


Year 3 are given homework every week. Spellings are given out on Monday. Children practice these throughout the week in school and should practice them at home throughout the week. Spelling homework is due the following Monday, when children will complete a spelling quiz on the words learnt.

English homework is set on Monday, to be completed by Wednesday. Maths homework is set on Wednesday, to be completed by Friday.

Homework can be set either in paper or online format. Online homework is through Education City and MyMaths, see the links below. Children have individual logins for these.

Your child will need help completing the homework. Thank you for your support!

Year 3 history project - ‘How do tools help us to survive?’

This term we have been studying the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and the Neolithic periods of the Stone Age and the Bronze and Iron Ages. Children have researched and studied different tools and how they have contributed to the survival of the early humans. We have visited Touchstone Museum in Rochdale, with tools that we have created, to have them critiqued by a real archaeologist. We have really enjoyed learning all about the prehistoric periods of human history!

See some of our photographs below.

Creating Hot Air Balloons


Children have been reading 'Oh! The Places You'll Go!' and this has inspired creation of hot air balloons.

'Oh! The Places You'll Go!'

We are scientists! We can ask relevant questions and describe and identify the functions of different parts of flowering pants.

We are historians! We have been using artifacts to investigate how tools have changed through periods of history and how they have helped humans to survive. We then designed and created our own replica tools. We are ready to hunt!