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Writing Workshop for Parents and Children


On Thursday 6th of March 2020, we hosted our first ever writing workshop for parents and children.  Fourteen parents came to school to work with their children to compose a piece of writing.  Hosted by our English coordinator, Mr McCann, and ably assisted by the school's writing advocates, the workshop was modelled on the type of lesson that the children would be taught in school on a daily basis.  The participants were welcomed with drinks and homemade baking by Mrs Morris before settling in to the session. 

After matching some vocabulary with their definitions, a video was played as a stimulus before language was drawn out from the children as well as the adults, who were being transported back to their own school days.  Having used some Alan Peat sentence types to compose sentences, the children and parents worked in smaller groups to produce a piece of writing from a range of genres.  The session finished with the children reading out their finished pieces while applause and praise was offered from all present.  It was a wonderful, enjoyable and educational afternoon.  Thank you to all who were involved.


"It was fun and informative for both parents and children.  A great insight into how writing is taught, thank you Mr McCann!"


"I really enjoyed the session with Mr McCann."


"Well thought out and planned, very entertaining and engaging for both parents and children."


"Very insightful.  Good fun.  I really enjoyed a bit of time with my child during school :)"


"Very well delivered.  Pitched well without making anyone feel uncomfortable about contributing.  Enjoyable session."


"I really enjoyed being part of Mr McCann's session.  It really gave me an insight in to how English is being taught in the school, I am very impressed."


"Excellent session, really impressed by the content and the level our children are learning at!  It definitely put my brain to the test and I have a couple of journalism qualifications!"


"This was a brilliant exercise involving the children and parents.  Well done to all involved."


"The session was very informative.  I really enjoyed the hour and it allowed me to see what my child is being taught.  Thank you."