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St Cecilia's Junior School Marathon

St Cecilia's Junior School Marathon

Just because the weather has taken a sudden turn it doesn’t mean you should stop being active!

Going for a walk, jog, run or even a bike ride is important, not only for your physical health but also your mental health.


Any walk/run etc. that you go on, you can track using apps such as ‘Map my Walk’, ‘Run keeper’, ‘Walkmeter’, ‘Nike run club’ as well as many more in order to keep track of how many meters you are travelling each time.


You can then tweet @StCeciliascjs or email to send the distance you have travelled for it to be added to your year group total. Make sure you put 'PE marathon' in the subheading. The year group with the most metres will win a PE afternoon with some special guests when we return to school!  


Remember, it is important to follow the governments guidelines. 


Feel free to send any photos of your walk to be added to the page.

Good luck! 

Miss McEvoy

#StCeciliasPE #SCJSMarathon



Year Group Miles
Year 3


Year 4    367.23
Year 5     192
Year 6  44


IF you are taking part in the 'marathon' - why not track your own maths?