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Mission Statement

Rooted in gospel values St Cecilia’s Catholic School Community lives together, learns together, loves together.

Vision Statement

At St Cecilia’s Catholic Junior School we are committed, through challenging and stimulating RSHE lessons, to allowing our children to realise their potential and push their limitations; equipping them for their future and creating understanding citizens of the world. RSHE is a vital aspect of this, and as such, is interweaved through all of our curriculum subjects and taught discretely. Our carefully planned RSHE curriculum helps children to understand themselves and the world around them, learning how to be responsible and understanding citizens and keep themselves and other safe.  We enable our pupils to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes whilst working both independently and collaboratively to become successful, confident and resilient members of society so that they can thrive, now and in the future.

R.S.H.E Policy 2021

RSHE Scheme of Work

We follow the You, Me and PSHE scheme of work, which is Quality Assured by the PSHE Association and the Journey in Love Scheme for Sex Education, which is the recommended programme for Catholic Schools. The content of RSHE is divided into seven strands: 

  1. Relationships and Sex education (R.S.E) (taught through Journey in Love)
  2. Drug, alcohol and tobacco education (DATE)
  3. Keeping safe and managing risk
  4. Mental health and emotional wellbeing
  5. Physical health and wellbeing
  6. Careers, financial capability & economic wellbeing
  7. Identity, society and equality


Where natural links allow, PSHE is also taught through other subjects, such as PE, History and English. This is to increase the our children's understanding and to develop a "real life" approach to the development of the "whole child". 


RSHE is taught by class teachers, through discreet lessons, circle time and through other subjects. At some point in the year, each class will also receive RSHE sessions from Miss Quigley, who will also deliver curriculum content. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to have outside speakers in our school assemblies to talk to us about issues which they wish to raise awareness of. This wide range of RSHE opportunities helps our children to develop into well-rounded, responsible individuals. 

Use the hyper-link below to see more information about how we deliver our R.S.E curriculum at St Cecilia's Junior School.

Curriculum Overview for PSHE

RSHE Progression Map

Cross Curricular mapping - R.S.H.E, R.E, S.M.S.C, Equality and Diversity, consent.

No Outsiders In Our School - Teaching the Equality Act, Scheme information.

Gridmaker is a programme we use to capture the elements of R.S.H.E programme of study, S.M.S.C and British Values that can't be seen in books or lessons. These are some screen shots of how the data has been recorded and collated.

What we’re up to!


You can find out what we are up to by visiting out Twitter page @StCeciliascjs


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Anti Bullying Week 2019

Over the last two week, we have been promoting the key messages of this year's anti-bullying event 'Change Starts With Us 2019' . The children have heard about the importance of being kind. They have taken part in drama workshops with Helen O'Grady Drama School and wore blue on Friday 15th November. Further work in class during PSHE lessons reinforced the key messages:

  • Change starts with us
  • Change starts here
  • Change starts now
  • Be Kind

The School Council have refreshed the school's Anti Bullying Charter, which agrees 6 main promises displyed in all classrooms.


No Outsiders in Our School. An overview of texts used during equality lessons as part of our RSHE curriculum.

No Outsiders

Autumn Term 2021: Our pupils learning about the PANTS Rule from the NSPCC

Y6 Final Goodbye with a Kind Gesture

Year 3: Change Starts With Us

Year 4: Change Starts Here

Year 5 : Change starts now

Year 6: Be Kind

Children's Mental Health Week 2020

This week we have celebrated 'Children's Mental Health Week' and the theme was 'Find your brave'. The week has been about children sharing, learning and helping each other to FIND THEIR BRAVE. Our message was that Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes and is different for everyone. Every class took part in a 'Show and Tell'activity where the children shared an object, story or photograph  about them doing something where they found THEIR BRAVE. The children listened to and Assembly about what BRAVE is and a film clip from the 'Greatest Showman ' was used. ROAR materials were used this week and 'BASICS BOB' one of our ResiliANTS' was promoted as a challenge activity to do at home and school. Every child who completed the challenge activity was given an extra play. A competition was run alongside the week to design a brave cartoon character; prizes and sweets were handed out for the children's efforts.

Thank you to everyone who took part in raising awareness of Children's Mental Health Week.

Ms. Lea

Maisie (Year 6)


Maisie tuned in to Frank Cottrell Boyce's online lesson and got involved, her task was to write a letter to her future self.  All children's work during lock-down is posted on our school Twitter account (@StCeciliascjs) and, when we put Maisie's work on Twitter, we tagged Frank Cottrell Boyce in.  We were delighted when we noticed that Maisie's letter was read out on Instagram by actress Annabelle Dowler.  This a fabulous achievement for Maisie, we are so proud of her.


Click on or copy the link into your browser to hear Maisie's letter.