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Relax Kids

Season's Greetings!

I hope you and the family are managing OK during this lockdown.

I wanted to share a simple idea that you could do with your children during advent to ensure they get all the things they crave -time, energy, love, hugs, attention and praise.

You can make these with your children out of paper or card and laminate them or draw words on pebbles.

Here are some token ideas:

  • Hug token
  • Game token
  • Story token
  • Love token
  • Time token
  • Cuddle token
  • Tickle token
  • Laughter token
  • Foot rub token
  • Compliment token

Once the tokens are made, place them in in a box, bag or jar. Make up your own rules as to when the family pick a token. It could be once a day or one in the morning and evening or when they need it or come home from school. Let them choose a token and trade it in for some quality time with you. Don't forget to join in and pick tokens out of the jar to claim your hugs and kisses