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Vision Statement 


St Cecilia’s Catholic Junior School believes that physical education is an essential part of a child’s educational development. We aim to develop a broad, rich and engaging curriculum offering a variety of activities to enhance skills in physical education and provide all children with a range of opportunities and experiences. Positive and inclusive participation in physical education will enable children to build self-esteem, team work, and positive values and attitudes transferable to other areas of the curriculum and helping children to be the best members of our community that they can be.


We aim to:

-         Develop confidence, skills and knowledge.

-         Develop physical literacy

-         Provide new quality sporting opportunities

-         Be proud of achievements.

-         Promote fair play and respect, the way Jesus would want us to

-         Encourage children to live healthy, active lives.

-         Engage in competitive sports and activities.

PE at St Cecilia's Junior School

Here at St Cecilia's, we enjoy a variety of different PE sessions and Extra-Curricular activities. We endeavour to ensure that children get 2 sessions of PE per week; this may be in the form of Sports, Athletics, Dance, Swimming and/or Gymnastics. These sessions are delivered by class teachers, our Sports Coach, or external providers. 


Extra-curricular sessions often result in competition participation. So far this year, children have competed in Water Polo, Athletics, Football, Hockey, Basketball and Dodgeball competitions. We have many more coming up, including dance.


Children must have their PE kit in school every day, as PE can take place on any day of the week (weather dependent). Children can wear the school PE kit or tracksuit. Sensible trainers or pumps must be worn in PE lessons.


In addition to these sessions, all children take part in "Fun, Fit, Friday" where they run the School Mile. All children wear their PE kits on Friday and complete the run in Year Groups, to encourage a healthy lifestyle.


Children have been taking part in Relax-ED sessions, run  by their class teachers. The sessions promote mindfulness and well-being and provide relaxation techniques to relieve stress. This helps the children to feel calm, which is vital for classroom learning. The positive nature of the sessions promotes a "Can Do" attitude and contributes to a healthy mind and an awareness of positive mental health. 

P.E milestones

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