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Nature Friendly School


Nature Friendly School


St Cecilia's Catholic Junior School aims to be a Nature Friendly School (NFS).


Learning outside the classroom can add real value to students and staff. This project was funded to help schools access these benefits by training staff how to teach out-doors.
The national curriculum is intrinsically linked to learning outdoors and pupil school engagement has been shown to improve when learning takes place outside.
Spending time outdoors has also been shown in a number of studies to improve the mental health and wellbeing of both children and adults.


You can find further information on the Nature Friendly Schools website here

Visiting the Allotment during the Summer Holidays

Please read the letter below for more information on how you can help out at the allotment during the summer holidays.

Register your interest by returning a slip to school with your contact email.

NFS Steering Group

Please read the information in the letter below regarding an exciting opportunity to join our outdoor learning project.

The letter details our project. Please read and use the contact form below to request to join.