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Meditation and Relaxation


In St Cecilia's we use mediation and relaxation techniques with the children all the time, particularly after break times or difficult situations. 

At times like these it is important to look after ourselves so we are able to care for others. As parents you have one of the most important jobs there is, which makes your mental health a priority.

Some of you may already meditate, do yoga or have things that help you relax but i wanted to share some ideas for you to try when you have time. 


Personally I have found the use of visualisation helpful. You can change it to any way that fits you and even find guided visualisation on Youtube if you prefer to get you started. I have added some instructions below.


To begin visualisation:

  • Clear the mind completely. You may begin by concentrating on your breath.
  • Generate an image or idea in your mind before you begin visualisation. Try using a general idea such as love, joy or a positive thought or affirmation such as, "I am balanced." You may also want to visualise a place that makes you calm and relaxed, this can be a real place or somewhere in your imagination.
  • With each inhale, feel your body expand with potential, and exhale your positive thought into your world.

In the beginning, visualisation may be repeating a mantra or concentrating on one positive image, but you can get creative with practice and go to that calm place in your mind. This type of exercise can help with anxiety, insomnia, stress and general relaxation.

This is also great to do with children as you can start with deep breathing together and create a safe place for you to go together. You may want to ask them to think of somewhere like a forest or a place in the clouds and ask them to describe what they see, hear, feel. This is a wonderful way to get your child to focus on their breathing and imagination and you can pitch in to with what your senses feel too. You can then go back to this place whenever your child is feeling overwhelmed or struggling. Your child can also draw this safe space and look at the drawing in difficult times.


Id love to hear if this helps or if you have any more questions please feel free to contact by by email or twitter.

Take care

Miss Quigley

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