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Meet the Team

Roles and Responsibilities of Staff 2021/22


Mrs Agate – Headteacher    

Leadership and Management of the school

Performance management

Strengthening the Community/Parental engagement

Accountability/ Governance

Deputy Safeguarding /Health and safety Team

Behaviour and discipline Team


Mrs Hurst – Deputy Headteacher

Curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment lead

Behaviour and discipline lead

LSA manager

Performance Management

Pupil Premium/ catch up Coordinator


Ms Lea - Assistant head teacher – Year 5 part time class teacher 

SEND/Inclusion coordinator

SEND support staff manager

Behaviour and discipline team

CLA lead

Safeguarding team   


Mrs Rudge - Senior teacher - Year 5 part time class teacher                                                            

Maths joint lead

Art lead

Work experience/students/volunteers lead


Mr McCann – Class teacher /Middle leader - Year 6 Teacher

English Coordinator

ECT mentor

Spanish link


Miss C Patterson- Class Teacher/Middle leader - Year 5 Teacher

RE/ Collective worship/SMSC lead


Educational Trips lead


Mr N Hughes- Class teacher - Year 6 Teacher

Science lead (Eco school/allotment)

DT Coordinator


Mrs C Lorne – Class Teacher - Year 4 Teacher

ICT Coordinator/Website 

Joint maths lead                                              


Miss L McEvoy - Year 4 Teacher

PE lead


Miss K Hawkins - Year 3 Teacher

Geography lead


Mr L Strina - Year 3 Early Career Teacher

School Council joint lead

EAL team


Mr J Wood - Year 4 teacher                                         

History lead

School Council lead


Miss J Coleman - Learning Mentor 

Safeguarding Lead/Child protection lead

Attendance Lead

Social and emotional support-in class/1-1/ groups                                                                       

SEN team


Ms L Quigley - Social and emotional support-in class/1-1/groups (SEMH)    

Behaviour support for most vulnerable

Sensory circuit                                                                

Safeguarding team/SEN team


Mrs S Kelly                             Business Manager/Deputy Safeguarding/Health and safety team/First Aider


Mrs T Donnelly                       Administration Officer and First Aider


Mr S Heavisides                     Site Manager


Mrs N Smith                           LSA

Mrs N Loughran                     HLTA

Mrs H Manning                      LSA

Mrs C Grimes                         LSA

Mrs G Agger                          LSA

Mrs J Hornsby                        LSA

Mrs L Thomas                        LSA / Lunchtime Assistant / First Aider

Mrs R Jenions                        LSA

Mrs V Wooding                      Pastoral support /First Aider

Mr J Poland                            PE coach/ mid-day playleader

Mr J Malloy                             Part time 1 to 1 support

Mrs S Worrall                         Cleaner/ mid-day supervisor

Mrs J Lamb                            Cleaner

Mrs C Mealey                         Cleaner

Mrs N Brombey                      Chef

Mrs E Langley                        Assistant chef                  

Mrs T Suffield                         Catering assistant


Mrs C Thompson                   Mid-day supervisor

Mrs P Friend                          Mid-day supervisor, breakfast club lead

Mrs C Paddock                      Mid-day supervisor


Miss C Walker                        Peripatetic Music specialist

Mrs R Smith                           Curriculum Music teacher