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School Closure & COVID Information March to August 2020

Letter to all parents from Simon O'Brien, Liverpool City Region Cycling & Walking Commissioner

Letter From Joe Anderson about Returning to School

Message from Cllr Barbara Murray to schools


I am writing to you to thank you and all your staff for their absolute support and hard work since schools closed. It is no easy task to change totally one’s well-honed working practises and I would commend all teaching staff for doing this. 


Each day I am hearing of the stunning things that hubs, nurseries, schools and colleges are doing for our children and young people. Acts of selflessness can be seen all around the city. We could not have done this without the collaboration of everyone: cleaners, kitchen staff, premises staff, administrators, support staff, teachers, leaders and governors. I frequently receive and hear of the appreciation of key workers for the safe environment that hubs have created for their children; parents tell me of the support that their children’s schools have provided: either through online resources; regular communication; provision of work packs, everyone going the extra mile. I would be grateful therefore if you could pass on the all those thanks as well to your staff so that they know they are appreciated.


Of course, it is not possible to create a school experience at home and many people are now realising the full importance of schools to daily lives. Once again, you have shown that our schools are much more than places of learning. They are places of safety, development and growth. Once again, colleagues in schools have shown how they quickly take on a thousand roles upon their shoulders. When we come out of this time, which we will, our experience will have  taught us the true value of our schools. Education will be a key feature in getting ourselves back on our feet with confidence.


I also want to take this opportunity to thank our parents. Firstly, for adhering to the lockdown instructions, but also for how you’ve had to support your children through the unchartered waters. Parenting is hard at the best of times and this period will have brought new challenges and difficulties, but I hope that in amongst it all you can also experiencing good times too. Sadly, this is not the case for all. It is so important that we continue to reach out and we have a number of support initiatives to ensure that there is no one suffering in silence.


To our children and young people: when all this is over, you will be telling your children about this time and how we all overcame a huge challenge together.  Your routines are so different and you must all miss the interaction with your friends greatly  but by following the instructions on how to stay safe, you are making a massive contribution. 


I am personally very proud of you all at this uncertain time.


Thank you and stay safe.