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"Alan Turing gave us a mathematical
model of digital computing that has
completely withstood the test of time.
He gave us a very, very clear
description that was truly prophetic."
George Dyson

Mission Statement

Rooted in gospel values St Cecilia’s Catholic School Community lives together, learns together, loves together.

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Our computing vision at St Cecilia’s Catholic Junior School, is to provide children with the essential skills and knowledge to be successful and responsible digital citizens.


Computing is an integral part of everyday life and will play an immeasurable part in our children’s futures. Through our curriculum we aim to prepare our children for the rapidly developing and ever-changing technological world. It is essential that all pupils gain the skills, confidence and ability to use technology safely and responsibly.


We will provide opportunities to enable children to access the most effective and emerging technologies; through computing lessons and cross curricular teaching. This will enhance and extend children’s learning across the whole curriculum, whilst fostering their creativity and passion for Computing.


Here at St Cecilia's, Computing is taught by class teachers and all classes access lessons every term. We also have support from specialist Computing teachers from 'Hi-Impact'.  

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Computing Milestones

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Computing at our school

Pupil voice 


Children love their computing lessons! Here are a few examples of what they have learnt and enjoy in lessons:


'I completed a program when I made a puzzle for others to complete and solve on the app 'Sketch Nation'. It was tricky, but I realised I had issues in the codes, so I made sure I fixed the glitches so we could solve the puzzle' - Year 5 


'We know that you have to repeat codes in most games that we make' - Year  5


' I can make objects move position through programming' - Year 3


'We build on skills we have done in other years to help us code.' Year 6 


'I know how to be safe online - I always tell a trusted adult if I see something I know is wrong' - Year 6 


'Computing lessons helps me solve and reason through problems, I use my skills to debug the codes to make it work' - Charlie. 


'Simple algorithms in games can make character move forwards and jump' - Louie 


'I know that coding will help me in the future, as I want to work in Computer Science - because I love just them!' - Joshua. 

Computing within our curriculum - Children used their knowledge of their History topic ‘WWII’ to create a video timeline summarising WWII, combining images, text and music

 Home learning resources 

Pizza Party - Computing in the kitchen? Children will love making their own pizzas while learning to create and debug (fix) the recipe.