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Year 5

Dear all year 5 children and parents. We hope you have had a good weekend and managed to rest ready for another week of remote learning. The remote learning plan for the week and all the lessons are now uploaded for you to see. These are also on Google Classroom; if you haven't moved over to Google Classroom yet, please try to do this as it's so much easier than navigating the school website.

Any parents and children who are poorly, please don't feel any pressure to keep up with the remote learning; it's more important to get better. We look forward to hearing from you this week.

Ms A Lea and the Year 5 staff.

Dear Parents of year 5. We are down to a skeleton staff in year 5 now so please bear with us answering emails and queries;marking work and live lessons; these will not be as efficient as they have  been, but we will do our very best to keep communicating with you. There will be no live lessons next week ;  as I will be working in school and not at home, but I will update you regularly. Please keep looking on Google Classroom and  our school website-remote learning page -year 5- where you will find the weekly plan and all the information you need for lessons each day. Please don't worry if you can't keep up or need a day to breathe; just take it!! The most important thing is that you are all safe and well. Ms. Andrea Lea

Remote learning

Please upload your work onto Google Classroom or alternatively if you still aren't logged into Google Classroom you can email your work to and remember to include your teacher's name in the subject bar! 

'How To' Guide for Accessing Online Sessions


Weekly plan - week beginning 25/1/21

The Wednesday Catholic Word for families to read together.

Monday 25th January- Ask an adult to test you on last week's spellings; record your total and try to beat it next week. Alternatively, if the adults are too busy (that's OK) write sentences using each spelling and/ or use the Look-Say-Cover-Write-Check system to test yourself. Good Luck!

Monday 25th Jan: Spelling - Pink spellers and Sharks learn only the first 5 for next Monday.

Monday 25th January-RE- Lesson 1. See remote learning plan and follow lesson 1 instruction document.

Monday 18th January. RE lesson 1 .

Monday 25th January - Science lesson 1.

Watch this first:


Make notes of star words.

Complete the task set.

Tuesday 26th January- Science lesson 2.

Draw the life cycle of a bird, include star words, notes and diagrams.



 Tuesday 26th January, Maths

Addition of decimals  

Watch video : https://youtube/I4Xt136E1ZQ

Then complete the practice sheet below.

Xing 2 digits by 2 digits

Tuesday 26th January. Maths lesson  for :Catherine, Katie-Leigh, Maggie-Mae, Jude, Lilly, Jack, Wayne,  Evan & Hayden.

Place Value. 

Complete the practice sheet below.

Xing 2 digits by 1 digit

Wednesday 20th January- English Lesson 3. Complete Quiz on Recounts :

and complete p30-35 from CGP Grammar Books.


Catherine,Katie-L, Maggie-Mae, Annai, Jude,Lilly,Evan & Hayden  complete p26-29 of your Grammar book.

See Remote Learning Plan for more details.

Wednesday 20th January.RE Lesson 2. Christian Unity Week.

Wednesday 20th January. The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2021.

Beginning next week, the entire Christian community is invited to pray for unity. This year's theme for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is "Abide in m...

Wednesday 20th Jan:Maths - Weekly Skills 3 check 10 without help Catherine, Katie L, Maggie-Mae, Jude, Lilly, Jack, Wayne, Natalia, Evan, Hayden

Maths skills check-Stage 3 week 10 answers. Mark and submit the marked sheet with a total visble.

Wednesday 20th January. Maths Lesson 3. Xing 3 digits by 2 digits.

Wednesday 27th January Art : City scapes using pen to add detail.

Thursday 21 st January.English Lesson 4- CGP Comprehension task  - complete the second comprehension task in your CGP comprehension book please.

An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth;


Catherine,Katie-L, Maggie-Mae, Annai, Jude,Lilly,Evan & Hayden Complete p4-5 of your Comprehension Book called Building Stonehenge.

Thursday 21st January. Maths lesson 4. Dividing 2/3 digits by 1.

Thursday 21st January. Maths Lesson 4: Catherine, Katie-Leigh, Maggie-Mae, Jude, Lilly, Jack, Wayne, Natalia, Evan, Hayden

Thursday 21st January lesson 3.Light in the darkest times prayer | CAFOD

Light in the darkest times prayer.For more prayers for children, and other games, activities and film go to world's poore...

Thursday 21st January. Lesson 3. Light in this dark time.

Friday's Spanish lesson for all Year 5 at 9.45 am.

Maths lesson 5-  Complete pages 24-25 in CGP year 5 maths book. Mark using answers at the back; submit marked answers.

Maths lesson 5 for:

These children: Catherine, Katie-Leigh, Maggie-Mae, Jude, Lilly, Jack, Wayne, Natalia, Evan, Hayden.

Complete CGP book pages 22-23.

Mark using answers at the back of cook and submit marked answers.


English Lesson 5: Recount your events for the week in a diary form. Try and recount this week’s events and thoughts. Begin with: ‘Dear diary, this  week I ……..

Submit your recounts.

PPT to support diary writing

Friday 22nd January. PSHE lesson; Managing emotions. Watch: Complete sheet 1.

Friday's lessons can be found in the 'Remote learning planning' document at the top of the page.

Weekly plan 7/12/20

Weekly plan 30-11-20

Weekly plan 23-11-20

Weekly plan 16-11-20

Weekly plan 9/11/20

Weekly plan 12 -10-20

Weekly plan 3-11-20