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Class 5-1

'How to' Guide for Accessing Google Meet Sessions

Dear Parents and Pupils, for quick access to all our online learning programs, please go to 5-1s class page for web links. 

Monday Science Forces (Prior Learning Task.) Have a go! Just write answers if you can't print out.

Spelling : Last week's for marking, then NEW list. Sharks/Dolphins/Swordfish

Wednesday Target Maths (Choose A, B or C) Plus Target answers (Weds & Thurs)

Monday & Tuesday RE Use this to help you research and create a Fact Sheet. (Use WORD to present it if you want. )

 Maths Weds

Use Target Maths sheet.. Please choose A, B or C section to complete. If you want to do more, feel free. Try to go on TT Rock Stars for at least 15 mins a day - this will REALLY help to improve your maths skills. 


Maths Thursday : Square Numbers Watch the power point then complete A or B Target Maths.

Thursday English : Halloween Instructions

Maths Friday : Play the Square Numbers Game on Education City.