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Origami Butterfly

Creative Activities from Tate Liverpool

3D Paper Stars
























3D Paper tree























Glow in the dark jellyfish link -


Bumble bee pencil topper -


You will need:

Large yellow pompom
Medium black pompom
White felt
Black pipe clearer (chenille stem)
Wiggle eyes






Wrap the pipe cleaner around the yellow pompom. Twist together underneath and then twist the ends into a spiral. This will hold your bee onto your pencil.

Glue the largest black pompom onto the front as the head.

Cut out two wings from the felt and glue them to the bee's back. Finish off with two wiggle eyes.

                  Home made musical instruments 


Home made rain maker




You will need:

A snack tube or a long cardboard tube (such as used for kitchen foil)
Paint (gold or silver)
Glitter and sequins
Lentils or rice

To make:

Paint your tube and leave to dry. Decorate the tube with sequins and glitter.

Fill the tube about 1/5 full of rice or lentils and glue the lid on securely. If you are using a kitchen foil tube, you will need to cut circles of card or paper and fix them very securely over each end.

Tip the tube from side to side to hear the rice fall. 


Home made rainbow castanets
















You will need:

Paper plate
Lids from plastic milk/juice bottles
Strong glue


Paint circles around the back of the paper plate working inwards from red to orange to yellow to green to blue to purple. Leave to dry.

Fold the plate in half (with the paint to the outside) and with strong glue stick milk bottle lids along the inside edge of the plate, making sure to leave a gap a couple of inches either side of the fold line.

When the glue is dry, play your castanets by holding between your thumb and fingers and clicking together.