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The Call - Year 6 End of Year Performance

The Call


Our year 6 children recently performed their end of year play entitled 'The Call'.  The play, which was written by Mr McCann, charted the journey the children made from their first day in year 3 to their final few weeks in year 6.  As well as performing for our soon-to-be year 3 children and the entire school, the children also put on two performances for parents and families both of which drew a large attendance.  The comedy play showcased the depth of talent within year 6 with scenes which included acting, singing and various forms of dancing.  Congratulations to all of year 6 children who performed with confidence, intonation and skill; you were a credit to yourselves, your families and your teachers.  Thank yous also go to Mr McCann, Ms Malone, Mrs Manning and Mrs Loughran who were instrumental in the play's success.