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End of Day Survey 2016

We received 100 responses to the survey asking for your views on the end of the day time of 2.50 which had been trialed from September 2016. Thank you for taking the time to return the slip so I could analyse the results.


The results were as follows : 79 preferred the new time of 2.50pm

                                              21 preferred the old time of  3.05pm


Those who preferred the old time were working parents who may find it difficult to get to school at the earlier time to collect their children. Again I want to reassure all those families in that predicament that we are more than happy to look after your children until they can be collected. We have lots of children who are waiting at the end of the school day. Those who go to after school club for instance are not picked up until 3.05pm. Other children are waiting because parents may be running late. There are plenty of staff available who are quite willing to supervise any children and keep them safe.


The parents in favour of the new time said they were more than happy for their children to come out at the earlier time. They understood the reasons given to reduce lunchtime and also make better use of our facilities from 3pm when the crowds have gone. They also said it was less congested on the roads at that time as other schools locally hadn't come out. They were also happy to collect younger siblings from the Infants once older members had come out. 


The end of day time of 2.50pm was a majority decision by parents so will therefore remain. 


Thank you Mrs Agate