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 St. Cecilia’s Junior School Curriculum

At St Cecilia’s Junior School we believe that all children are precious and we strive to ensure every child has a truly positive experience whilst at this school. We believe that our curriculum must be shaped around the needs of each child, be broad in its nature and be devised to equip the children to strive forward and make a difference to the world. We want our children to be inquisitive and to come to school with a hunger for learning. We deliver a learning challenge curriculum, this is not simply a list of specific topics to cover, but it is a way of planning and delivering lessons which capture the interests of the children and make the learning relevant to them, whilst also meeting the National Curriculum requirements.


  • Develop life-skills which promote a love of learning.
  • Grow an understanding of ourselves, each other and the world.
  • Nurture curiosity and creativity which feed the imagination.
  • Cultivate aspiration through motivation and self-belief.
  • Instil resilience, independence and personal attributes needed for life.




  • In line with Mastery Learning, we will focus on depth before breadth in every subject area so that pupils can attain proficiency and study the curriculum with confidence
  • Teach pupils Personal Learning and Thinking Skills so that they become successful and motivated learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.
  • Cultivate Collaborative Learning so that pupils develop social skills, practise interacting with others and enjoy learning
  • Endorse High Quality Question/ Challenge Based Learning so that pupils are motivated b discovery and a hunger for knowledge.
  • Promote Feedback which allows pupils time to engage, reflect and review – including peer and self-evaluation so that they are capable of improving their own learning.
  • Ensure that Oracy is at the heart of the curriculum so that our pupils are able to express themselves fluently, grammatically and confidently
  • Develop Social and Emotional Learning so that our pupils are self-aware, foster positive relationships and achieve personal well being
  • Participate in The Arts so that our pupils develop artistically and creatively
  • Provide an Experience Rich Curriculum so that our pupils can pursue personal interests and talents.
  • Digital technology is used effectively and creatively so that pupils are digitally fluent and equipped for 21st century life.
  • Enable our pupils to Demonstrate Learning in different ways – using photographs, posters, products, presentations and performances.
  • Foster a Growth Mindset in our pupils so that they have strength of character to persevere.





The purpose of our curriculum is to equip pupils with a set of relevant personal, learning and thinking skills needed for success in both learning and life.

We want to encourage:

  • Independent enquirers
  • Creative thinkers
  • Reflective learners
  • Team workers
  • Self-managers
  • Effective participators and communicators


Our commitment

Our curriculum requires teachers to actively think about what their lessons need to inspire the children to be avid learners, thus leading to high standards in all areas. Our inquisitive curriculum approach allows teachers to focus on the best way to present their lessons rather than solely upon what they need to teach. We strive for high standards across the entire curriculum so that the children are superbly prepared for the next steps in life. We provide the best experience for the every child fostering and nurturing curiosity and talents through our broad and balanced curriculum.

We have used a topic-based approach to the curriculum for many years; this involves linking some subject areas through a common topic or project, designed to ensure the children are interested in purposeful learning, allowing the children to take more ownership of their learning and to develop independence and confidence. The challenge for our many able and gifted children is ideally facilitated by this approach and it also provides an excellent platform as we do our utmost to ensure our SEND and Pupil Premium children are also given every chance to achieve.

The Curriculum at our school is relevant to the needs of our pupils and our locality whilst being flexible and accessible for our mobile population. Through our bespoke design, subjects are linked together within a learning challenge where there are clear, relevant and strong reasons for doing so, other subjects are taught discretely.

Across all curriculum areas children have purposeful opportunities to use and apply their core skills (maths, reading and writing) to ensure that, through a wide range of activities, children are progressing in their skills and understanding and extending their subject knowledge.

Woven into our curriculum there are many themed days, trips, visitors, projects and topics taking place in each year group.

At St. Cecilia’s Junior School we believe that the curriculum should be alive! The children must have a voice to say what they enjoy most and what they need to learn. Here’s to a rigorous, lively and enjoyable curriculum that is fun to learn and great to teach!


The Learning Challenge Curriculum – A New Approach to Topic Work

At St. Cecilia’s Catholic Junior School we have worked with education consultants Focus Education to introduce the ‘Learning Challenge Curriculum’. This brings the curriculum alive by promoting enquiry-based learning through a skills-based curriculum.


The Learning Challenge concept is built around the principle of greater learner involvement in their work resulting in a meaningful curriculum which promotes high standards. (Focus Education)


The key drivers of this approach are that it is:

Planned around the distinctive needs of children at St. Cecilia’s

  • Enquiry-based to promote curiosity
  • Outcomes driven to raise standards
  • Embeds the application of basic skills
  • Allows writing to be meaningfully embedded
  • Cross-curricular (where meaningful)
  • Integrates empowering learning (‘learn to learn’) skills
  • Underpinned by latest thinking about quality learning and brain-based learning

The aims of our Learning Challenge Curriculum are for children to:

  • To teach children an awareness of their own spiritual development.
  • Enjoy learning
  • Feel successful in their learning and to promote high self esteem
  • Become creative, independent learners
  • Be given significant time to learn new skills and have time to practise those skills
  • Have the flexibility to decide how best to learn in different situations
  • Have the flexibility to decide what they are going to learn and how
  • Be given the opportunity to decide upon the final outcome of their learning
  • Be able to set own targets for learning
  • Know what their strengths are and which areas they need to develop
  • Become successful lifelong learners who are able to reach their full potential
  • Be able to evaluate and assess their own learning
  • To approach and value the contribution made by all ethnic groups in our multi-cultural society.

The Learning Challenge Curriculum is a skills and subject led approach to teaching and learning, in which we aim to teach skills thoroughly; allowing the children to experience an in-depth curriculum; especially as we monitor standards in each subject very carefully. Each half term, we have a foundation subject being the main area of focus in our Theme lessons and every week we aim to produce a piece of writing linked to our learning; this then helps us improve our crucial literacy skills.

We continue to teach RE, English, Maths, Science, Design and Technology, Spanish, Computing and PE separately, although we do link where possible.